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The Sub Sandwich: A Delicious Austin Tradition

Austin, Texas, is a city that prides itself on its vibrant food scene, and for good reason. From barbecue joints to Tex-Mex eateries, there’s no shortage of delicious options to satisfy your cravings. But one type of cuisine that often gets overlooked is the humble sub sandwich. Yet, in Austin, the sub sandwich is a beloved tradition that’s worth exploring. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of sub sandwiches in Austin, exploring the history, the best places to get them, and why they’re a staple of the city’s culinary scene.

The History of the Sub Sandwich

The sub sandwich has its roots in the early 20th century, when Italian immigrants brought their own culinary traditions to the United States. One of these traditions was the panino, a type of sandwich made with crusty bread, meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Over time, the panino evolved into the sub sandwich we know today, with its characteristic long, crusty roll and generous fillings.

In Austin, the sub sandwich has a long history that dates back to the 1950s. During this time, Italian immigrants settled in the city, bringing with them their own culinary traditions. One of these immigrants was a man named Joe, who opened a small deli on South Congress Avenue. Joe’s deli quickly became a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, serving up delicious subs filled with meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

The Best Places to Get a Sub Sandwich in Austin

So, where can you find the best sub sandwiches in Austin? Here are a few recommendations:

1. Joe’s Deli: As mentioned earlier, Joe’s Deli is a local institution that’s been serving up delicious subs for decades. Try their famous Italian sub, filled with salami, ham, and provolone cheese.
2. The Sub Station: Located in the heart of downtown Austin, The Sub Station offers a wide variety of subs, from classic Italian to more adventurous options like the “Tropical” sub, filled with ham, turkey, and pineapple.
3. La Condesa: This trendy restaurant in the South Congress neighborhood offers a unique take on the sub sandwich. Try their “La Condesa” sub, filled with grilled chicken, avocado, and queso fresco.
4. Home Slice Pizza: While not strictly a sub sandwich shop, Home Slice Pizza offers a delicious “Sub Slice” option, featuring a long, crusty roll filled with melted mozzarella and your choice of toppings.

Why the Sub Sandwich is a Staple of Austin’s Culinary Scene

So, why is the sub sandwich such a beloved tradition in Austin? There are several reasons why this humble sandwich has become a staple of the city’s culinary scene. For one, the sub sandwich is a comfort food that evokes memories of childhood and family gatherings. It’s also a versatile food that can be customized to suit any taste or dietary preference. And let’s not forget the convenience factor – subs are easy to grab and go, making them a popular choice for busy Austinites on-the-go.

In addition, the sub sandwich is a symbol of community and tradition. In Austin, the sub sandwich is often served at family gatherings, picnics, and other social events. It’s a food that brings people together, fostering a sense of community and connection.


The sub sandwich is a beloved tradition in Austin, with a rich history and a wide variety of options to suit any taste. From classic Italian subs to more adventurous options, there’s a sub sandwich out there for everyone. Whether you’re a native Austinite or just visiting the city, be sure to try one of these delicious subs and experience the city’s culinary scene for yourself.

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